Eamon Duede

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Assistant Professor

Purdue University
Department of Philosophy

Argonne National Laboratory
Data Science and Learning Division

Email: eduede@purdue.edu

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I am an epistemologist of science focusing on three streams of research. My theoretical work in the philosophy of science focuses on the epistemology of emerging technologies, principally artificial intelligence (AI). My empirical work investigates and evaluates roles and capabilities of AI in enhancing the effectiveness and scalability of innovative, data-driven, and algorithm-assisted operational frameworks for scientific discovery. I am also concerned with the dynamics of discovery across disciplines, geographic space, and time. Here, I use the computational techniques of ‘data science’ to study the flow of knowledge and influence between communities of experts and other audiences, and study how these can be catalyzed or stymied by institutional and technological factors.

Before joining Purdue, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, affiliated with the Digital Data Design Institute at Harvard Business School and the Embedded EthiCS program in the Philosophy and Computer Science departments. I earned a joint Ph.D. in Philosophy and Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science from the University of Chicago, where I was also an NSF-funded Fellow at the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering.


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